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Blog: End the Drug War


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The war on drugs is a set of bad regulations that makes certain substances illegal.

Prior to 1900 these substances were ordinary legal commodities, openly sold in our marketplaces.

Some of these substances are derived from the Green Herb; Prior to the fall of man -- God said everything that HE had created was good; After the fall of man and the flood God said to Noah, "Even as I have given you the green HERB I have given you all things." Genesis 9:3b

The war on drugs started in 1914 when congress taxed some of these substances; with the real motive to make the substances unavailable. It started as a religious war; the users were considered immoral.

The war on drugs is both ungodly and a denial to the freedom of religion.

What has the vainly spent trillion dollar war on drugs accomplished? Not one of its goals; but:

* 500,000 persons annually in prison;
* purer than ever drugs readily available on the streets and
* a huge army people that use lethal force and or rampant theft to achieve their purposes.

Crime dropped significantly with Alcohol legalization; I expect the same results with Drug Legalization.

I will work to end the war on drugs and to allow treatment of abusers as sick people.

And I would expect the states to define driving limits for the various drugs as they have done with the point oh eight percent alcohol law.

We must end the war on drugs as an early step to restore our liberty.

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