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Blog: Open Letter to the Voter


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Dear Voter,


Our Presidents have lied to us; they have taken us to foreign wars with treachery and secrecy; and Congress has accepted their propaganda and supported these presidents instead of maintaining their balance of power in the management of the United States Government.


In the words of President Franklin D. Roosevelt: "…that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson." The elite bankers financed Woodrow Wilson's presidential campaign and the bankers convinced the Congress to create a partnership between the bankers and the federal government; they called it the Federal Reserve Act.

The published main goal of The Federal Reserve Act ---- was; "to promote the objectives of maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates." They have miserably failed at that goal. A hidden goal, as exposed by G. Edward Griffin, Author of "The Creature from Jekyll Island" (a second look at the Federal Reserve) was to maximize member profits. That goal, I believe, has been handsomely met. But, there is more!

Why did we go to war in Afghanistan then Iraq? Google this: "Who profits most from wars?" Learn that the bankers profit from the wars; could it be that that is why we go to war?

Could it be that the other main goal of the ELITE BANKERS is "ONE WORLD ORDER" that would have the USA yield its sovereignty to that higher power. The BANKERS created the "Council on Foreign Relations" when it became clear to them that the US Senate would reject Wilson's "League of Nations" treaty. Check out this video:


Our Federal Government has created hundreds of programs to help the poor. But instead of helping the poor they have rewarded irresponsibility (irresponsibility has grown; observe our huge increases in police) and they have made poverty (for some) comfortable. Some are comfortable enough to refuse to seek employment. I feel sad for the homeless. Some say they are homeless on purpose; I doubt that. The clearer reality is that we have an excessively high cost of living and we have millions of unemployed people. As our government grows more people become homeless. There is a solution!

Our government grows and grows. Since 1909 our government growth rate (average) is 12 times the growth rate of our population. The federal government's employees are doing well!


Since 1999 many federal employees have enjoyed a 50% pay increase. Per the CATO institute, including pay and benefits, the average federal employee compensation rate is double that of the average private sector employee -- respectively $123,049 vs. $61,051.

But; what about -- we the people? What about real jobs and what about stable money that earns real interest; interest that is not taxed away from us. Why does the government employee get big increases and we the people fall further and further behind?


Social Security payments are roughly half of where they would have been otherwise; this was brought about by changes made in the Consumer Price Index methodology. Three Presidents, made these changes to the CPI; Clinton, Reagan and Carter.

Some people in the 18 to 30 year old age bracket believe that they will pay into Social Security but will get nothing from Social Security when they become eligible.

Social Security is not fixable; we should begin to phase out Social Security by (1) allowing all in the program to opt out and (2) ending all new entrants and (3) continue the program for those vested and for those who choose to remain in the program.

With sound money a person, who invests the approximately 14% the government now takes from each worker ((7% deducted plus the approximately 7% your employer now sends to the government)) should be able to create a nest egg that will out perform Social Security and when death comes the investor can bequeath what is left of the nest egg to whomever they choose.

How do we return to sound money? Balance the federal budget and end the congressionally approved process that allows bankers to create -- money out of nothing -- when they finance a loan.



Over the last 112 years we have restructured the government in such a way that we have driven jobs into other countries; we have lost our competitive edge. We have created federal government programs that pay people for not working; this includes the war on poverty and unemployment benefits. And we have created bad laws; one of those bad laws is the federal minimum wage law that tends to reduce employment. There is HOPE for AMERICA; it was great once we can repeat the greatness.


We once had a wonderful economy and a great work ethic; and we can get them back.

History shows us that the BEST economy in the United States occurred in 1898 when we experienced:

* Productivity such that we exported about 10% of our production! The jobs were HERE!
* We had an annual trade surplus of about $600 million dollars,
* The federal debt was $25 per person,
* The federal budget had a surplus of over $50,000 per day!

This was the high point of an era with a healthy work ethic. We achieved this economic miracle with a small federal government:

* With NO Federal Income Tax,
* With NO Federal Reserve System,
* With NO Social Security System and
* With Sound Money.

Our 1898 federal government was financed with about 3% of the gross domestic product.

Today's government spends about 29% of the gross domestic product; far more than it should cost to do its job of protecting our rights and protecting us from external threats.


Our secrets are kept far too long. Why did the Bush administration create 33 million secret documents, far above the pace of the Clinton administration? Also, James Bovard has found that the Bush administration has "gutted" the Freedom of Information Act; this Bush action makes it harder for the citizen to find government actions and abuses. What ARE they hiding from us?


The key secret has been found: Author Robert Stinnett found a memo in the Navy Archives written by Lt. Commander Arthur McCollum, who was assigned to Naval Intelligence. The memo was dated October 7, 1940. It was directed to two of FDR's top naval advisors: Captain Dudley Knox and Capt. Walter Anderson, who was head of Naval Intelligence. This memo was approved by both men and forwarded to FDR for action.

The two points were: (1) Aggravate Japan into a military strike as a matter of economic necessity and national honor on her part; and (2) Facilitate the attack by not interfering with Japan's preparations and by making the target as vulnerable as possible. At the conclusion of the last point of strategy, the memorandum said: "If by these means Japan could be led to commit an overt act of war, so much the better. See link for more information:

A Japanese spy at Peal Harbor who informed the Japanese of ship positions and movements was detected by the FBI but protected by the Office of Naval Intelligence; they intervened with White House approval. It was already known that Admiral Nagumo was outfitting his carrier strike force at Hitokappu Bay on the Japanese island of Etorofu. His progress was monitored closely, and daily reports were sent to Washington. His ships departed from Japan and headed for Pearl Harbor on November 25. Within hours, Navy headquarters in Washington initiated the Vacant Seas directive, action taken to prevent detection of the Japanese carrier task force headed for the vicinity Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor Commanders Kimmel and Short were not given this information.

Our propaganda said it was a close call; it wasn't. We had access to 90% of the world's oil, the axis had access to 3%. The German war effort was highly dependant on horses. We far outnumbered the enemy in jeeps, trucks, ships and planes. WE DID NOT NEED to go to WW2. In fact, by doing so we saved Stalin from Hitler. Is it imaginable that that happened so the bankers could keep cashing in???

We, also, did not need to go to WW1.

Congress, contrary to today's known information, still holds to the following official finding about Pearl Harbor:

1. The attack was unprovoked by America;
2. There was no evidence that the President, Secretary of State, Secretary of War, Secretary of Navy, provoked the attack;
3. The American government made every effort to avoid the war with Japan;
4. The attack was caused by the Army's and Navy's failure to detect hostile forces; and
5. The errors made were errors of judgment and not derelictions of duty.


Why is the Congress failing its Constitutional mandate to maintain a balance of power? To do this they must deal prudently with the millions of secret documents. Congress should expose all the Presidential lies.


* Deal with secret documents by demanding immediate congressional access and to provide a shorter waiting period for researchers to investigate executive branch secrets;
* Repeal all bad laws created since 1900;
* Repeal the Federal Reserve Act;
* Get back into compliance with the US Constitution
* Bring troops home;
* End all subsidies and all foreign aid;
* Balance the federal budget (NO balanced budgets since 1957);
* Reduce taxes with a goal of repealing the income tax;
* Reduce regulations so businesses can be more profitable and hire our unemployed;
* Get federal government out of welfare, healthcare and education and
* Restore the gold standard of sound money.

My name is Herb Peters, Christian -- Libertarian Candidate for US Representative for California's 36th Congressional District.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2Chronicles 7:14

If we turn from our 112 years downward spiral now we may be able to avoid the double digit inflation or, worse yet, the 1922 -- 1923 Germany style hyper inflation that we are being warned of by economists.

If you feel 70% or more comfortable with the contents of this letter that are intended to make our cost of living more affordable, to greatly increase employment and to urge the congress to do its constitutionally mandated job; Please:

* Vote for Herb Peters for US Representative, YOUR VOTE IS CRITICAL FOR OUR FUTURE!
* Please show the letter to your friends and
* Please consider a political donation of $10 or more.

If you choose to make a donation to my campaign:

Mail check to:

Herb Peters

311 E. 244th St.

Carson, CA 90745

Herb Peters

Paid for by the Herb Peters for Congress Committee.

Political Donations are not tax deductible. Federal Law requires political committees to report the name, mailing address and the occupation and name of employer for each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in a calendar year.

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