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Jay Townsend's Greatest Hits: Question of Schumer Being the Next Majority Leader

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Part Two of Townsend's Greatest Hits in the Great Debate with Chuck Schumer

October 24, 2010, Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY

Moderator: "Mr. Townsend, New York is likely to lose two seats in the House reapportionment. New York has lost the Ways and Means Chairmanship. There's a very real possibility that Charles Schumer could become the Democratic leader in the next year. Isn't this a good thing for New York?"

Townsend: "Last Christmas Eve the Senate passed a health care bill. In the health care bill was contained the Cornhusker kick back for Ben Nelson in Nedraska, three hundred million dollars for Mary Landrew in Louisana and a hundred million dollars for Chris Dodd in Connecticut. Christmas presents all for those states. Waht New York got was a billion dollars in new unfunded mandates that will land like a thud next year in our property tax bills. A lump of coal for New York. Christmas presents for everybody else. Chuck Schumer knew exactly what he was doing when he passed that bill. Currying favor with fellow democrats who would then vote for him to become majority leader. And my question to you is, If this man will do this to the state of New York to climb the leadership ladder, imagine what he will do to New York to stay in the throne once he has it?"

Moderator: "Mr. Schumer you haven't wanted to answer this question about being the majority leader because of your relationship with Harry Reid but wouldn't this be a good thing for New York?"

Schumer: "Well I think Harry Reid is going to win the election and I'm working hard for him. But let me just say this, whenever I am in Washington, New York is first for me. It's in my bones. The first thing I ever ask my staff is how does this affect New York? And as for this specific instance Mr. Townsend is reffering to yes there was a period of time in that bill that New York was penalized because we're the most generous state for Medicaid. I worked real hard along with the Congressional Delegation to reverse it. I went to the President himself and said I won't vote for the bill unless it's reversed. As a result New York got 2.1 billion dollars. New Medicaid patients instead of getting 50% reimbursement from the Federal Governement get 91%. And both Governor Patterson and Mayor Bloomberg praised what I did."

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