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Carly Fiorina Kicks Off Final Three-Day Get-Out-The-Vote Tour in San Diego

Press Release

Location: San Diego, CA

U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today kicked off a three-day statewide get-out-the-vote tour at the San Diego Victory 2010 Headquarters, where she sent out precinct walkers who are working to get out the vote for her on Election Day.

"The stakes in California's U.S. Senate race are higher than ever this year, and the opportunity to finally retire an out-of-touch career politician who has spent the last 28 years fighting against our nation's job creators makes our final get-out-the-vote effort all the more urgent," Fiorina said. "In this final weekend before Election Day, it's critically important that we redouble our efforts to get voters out to the polls on November 2. It's clear that the outcome of this historic election will be determined by voter enthusiasm and voter turnout, and I'm asking my supporters all across California to join me in making a strong final push to victory."

Since Labor Day, thousands of volunteers have made more than 2 million phone calls to voters and knocked on hundreds of thousands of doors asking their friends, neighbors and colleagues to vote for Fiorina. Over the next three days, these volunteers will redouble their efforts, and by Tuesday, some 40,000 volunteers are expected to make 2.5 million voter contacts in support of Republican candidates statewide.

"Californians of all party affiliations are concerned about the disastrous state of our economy -- including our 12.4 percent unemployment rate and the more than 2.2 million Californians who are currently out of work -- caused in large part by the out-of-touch job-killing policies Barbara Boxer has championed for the last 28 years," continued Fiorina. "It's time we send a proven leader to Washington who knows what it takes to create jobs and who can help put our economy back on the right track. Getting our fellow Americans back to work will be my first, second and third priorities as a U.S. senator, and that's the reason I'm asking for Californians' support at the ballot box on Tuesday."

Later today, Fiorina will visit Orange County, Sacramento and Chico to rally supporters and volunteers who are working day and night to get voters to the polls next Tuesday.

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