Carly Fiorina Wraps Up Statewide Get-Out-The-Vote Tour at San Diego Phone Bank

Press Release

By:  Carly Fiorina
Date: Nov. 2, 2010
Location: San Diego, CA

In the final day before voters head to the polls, U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today joined supporters at a phone bank in San Diego, where she thanked volunteers for their efforts to get out the vote in support of her campaign to defeat Barbara Boxer and urged them to continue reminding their friends and family members to head to the polls on Election Day.

"Over the last 28 years, Barbara Boxer has consistently failed to serve the people of California and has instead pressed for an agenda of higher taxes, more regulation and greater government intrusion into our lives. And today, our state is suffering the consequences in the form of 12.4 percent unemployment and 2.2 million Californians out of work," said Fiorina. "Californians deserve a representative in the U.S. Senate who will put the people of California and our state's economic future first. But after nearly three decades in Washington, it's clear the only job Barbara Boxer cares about is her own, and that's the reason voters are ready to retire her."

Since Labor Day, supporters around California have made more than 2.5 million phone calls and knocked on hundreds of thousands of doors asking voters to support Fiorina and the rest of the Republican ticket at the ballot box tomorrow. Fiorina's campaign team is led by Statewide Volunteer Chair Chuck McDougald and a team of regional, county, city and area chairs around the state.

"I know what it will take to create jobs and get our economy growing again, and I am asking voters for their support so that I can put that experience to work for the people of California," Fiorina continued. "To do that, I need my volunteers to urge their friends and family members to get to the polls tomorrow and cast their ballot for new leadership in the U.S. Senate. The support of these enthusiastic Californians is exactly what will carry us to victory tomorrow and what will help us bring new leadership to Washington so that we can take our government back, make it listen and make it work."

Earlier today, Fiorina phone banked with supporters in Elk Grove and Pasadena.

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