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Independent 4th District Congressional Candidate Ben Emery Quietly Raises Money, Creates "Human Billboards" and Runs Network TV Spots in Bid for Upset Over McClintock

Press Release

Location: Nevada City, CA

While Democratic and Republican candidates in the 4th Congressional District here continue to pocket contributions from big special interests, independent candidate Ben Emery shuns that money, has quietly raised more than $10,000 from individuals and is running hundreds of television commercials.

Touting himself as the only candidate who is actually from the 4th District, the 40-year-old private ranch manager from Nevada City also has dozens of campaign workers serving as "human billboards" in the sprawling district -- from Nevada City to the outskirts of Sacramento.

Emery ( takes dead aim at the Republicans and Democrats in both of his 30-second television spots, which are running on CNN, Headline News, MSNBC, Fox News and other cable networks in the vast reaches of the district, from the tip of Sacramento east to the Nevada and north to the Oregon border.

In the spots, Emery asks voters if they are "tired of sending jobs overseas and bailing out banks," and then states: "That's what Republicans and Democrats have done to us."

"We've been listening to Republicans and Democrats talk about changing the system in Washington. But all we get is more of the same. I'm independent of the large special interests who control these politicians, and have mucked up our political system," said Emery.

Emery notes in the spots that "Government doesn't happen. We vote for it." Emery says that his solutions are not based on what lobbyists or special interests want but what is best for voters. "I will fight for you," his commercial pledges.

Emery says in the TV spot that he stands for "Local governance and economies, grassroots Democracy and ending corporate personhood."

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