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FOX News "Glenn Beck" - Transcript


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BECK: It's amazing to me. That makes common sense. And yet, do you hear that very often?

Let me go to -- let me go to Colorado. Let me start with Tom Tancredo. Tom, you have been a pariah in the power circles for a very long time. They don't like you very much.

You were a Republican. You're not running as a Republican now. In fact, the Republican is still running against you.

I find this amazing. He has a whopping -- the last poll I saw -- a whopping five percentage points and you could win. What's happening in Colorado?

TOM TANCREDO, RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR IN COLORADO: Well, it's been a very, very interesting race, that's for sure. But some time ago, I could just see this train wreck occurring and that if I didn't do something, if I didn't get into the race, we were going to have the most liberal mayor, the city of Denver has ever had, the one of the most liberal politicians in the state of Colorado simply walk in the governorship.

And so, I got into the race. And things have changed.

BECK: OK. Let me --

TANCREDO: Now we're neck and neck.

BECK: Let me show the poll numbers. We checked. There's been a few people. Ron Paul went from zero to I think -- not Ron Paul but Ross Perot, went from zero to 19 percent when he ran. But I don't think anyone in America has ever done this.

Look at this poll. Can you put the poll number up, please? Look at the poll.

You went from 13 percent to 40 -- what? Forty-one percent. From 39.7 percent from September 9th to today. That's incredible.

TANCREDO: And we're higher than that today. I'll tell you.

BECK: What is -- what is the number today?

TANCREDO: It's -- well, the most recent poll we saw was I had 44 percent. And he had 47 percent. So, that was a Public Policy poll two days ago. The Rasmussen poll supposed to come out today, I'm told it might look really good, even better.

BECK: OK. Tom, the thing that the guy you are running -- what's his name? Hickenlooper, right?


BECK: Yes, Hickenlooper.

The thing I played on the program yesterday is this audio of him and the way he's talking about the people of Colorado and the West. I want to play this video and get your comments on it.


JOHN HICKENLOOPER (D), COLORADO GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE: A couple of things. I mean, you know, the tragic death of Matthew Shepard occurred in Wyoming, and Colorado and Wyoming are very similar. We have some of the same, you know, backwards thinking in the kind of rural western areas you see in, you know, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico.


BECK: I have family in Wyoming.



BECK: I don't think they're backwards. I don't think they're going to beat anybody to death because they're different than anyone else. That is an insult.

TANCREDO: It's a total insult. And here is the thing. It's not just an off-hand comment about the difference between rural and city folk, you know? It's -- you remember the context. He is talking about a murder, the murder of a young man up in Wyoming because he was a homosexual. And he's suggesting that that is a relatively common sort of attitude out here in the West in Colorado, he said Wyoming, Montana. What a thing to say!

But, you know, he really does believe that. Just like Obama believes what he said when he said that there is -- you know, when the things get tough, when the economy goes bad, these people, we out here start, you know, grabbing for our -- holding on to our guns and our religion.

You know, it's this condescending elitist attitude. But by the way, I should say, that if I'm going to hold on to anything, I'm going to hold on to my guns and my religion. That's OK with me.


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