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Let's Get ObamaCare Out of Our Lives


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There are less than two weeks between now and when the citizens of this country take back their government. If you send me to Congress, you are sending someone with a principled, logical and constitutional plan to getting ObamaCare--and all of the big government policy from the past two years--out of our lives.

President Obama's health care "reform" law is only seven months old and it is already causing harm to businesses and Americans across the country. Just this week, we saw the defense contracting giant Boeing announce that its non-union employees would see increased health care payments next year thanks to ObamaCare. In fact, at Boeing, deductibles will increase by $100 for individuals and by $300 for families.

Here's another example: In order to meet the stringent requirements under ObamaCare, McDonald's would have to raise its premiums upwards of 200 percent. The federal government has given McDonald's just one year to become compliant with the law.

The bottom line drawn from both of these examples is that ObamaCare is not a solution to our health care ills; instead it is a threat to thousands of Americans who have health care already, and it must be stopped.

I truly believe that with the help of the strong conservative leadership that will be elected in November, the House of Representatives will pass bills to both defund and repeal this burdensome legislation. That said, I am certain that should any form of repeal legislation pass the House, it will not overcome a fillibuster in the Senate and will certainly not be signed should it make it to President Obama's desk. So then what? Do we settle for, "we gave it our best shot," or do we persevere?

The "then what" is when the real work begins. We must target each individual offensive component of ObamaCare one at the time, and we send each individual repeal bill to the Senate and then the President. The voters will then see--one component at the time--what conservatives believe and what the President believes. For each individual freedom-stealing, market-perverting provision in ObamaCare, I want every member of Congress and the President on the record with a "yea" or "nay," and I am committed to following through on it.

I thank you for your continued support and am confident that together we will ensure that America's best days are ahead.


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