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Seventh Debate Question for the Candidates


Location: Unknown

Moderator: The seventh question is for Mr. Forbes. Mr. Forbes, the debate over illegal immigration sparks heated reaction on both sides of the aisle. What plan would you put forward to address this problem?

Mr. Forbes: [no answer given]

Moderator: Dr. LeGrow?

Dr. LeGrow: There are really two issues rolled into one when we talk about illegal immigration. First, border security is critical. I would advocate strengthening the border patrol and building whatever physical structures are necessary to control the flow of people across our southern border.
Once the border is secure, we need to address the many millions of people who are here illegally. Those who are here and not working, or who have committed crimes, I would send back to their countries of origin. On the other hand, those people who are working, who have families, and who are contributing to this nation should be allowed to pay a fine for having violated the law and then go through the process of naturalization. That way we can preserve the rule of law and our security while still recognizing that many of the million here illegally are now integrated into our society.

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