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No Improvement In Job Market, Unemployement Remains At 9.6%

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today the Labor Department released employment data and the national unemployment rate remained unchanged for September at 9.6%.

"Despite spending billions of the American taxpayer's money, the Pelosi Congress has done nothing to foster an environment in which businesses feel secure enough to invest, grow and, most importantly, hire new workers," said Rep. Calvert. "Our economy is at a standstill because of the uncertainty over looming tax hikes, new health care mandates and more environmental regulation that will move American jobs overseas."

The national unemployment rate has remained above 9.5% for 14 consecutive months, the longest span since the Great Depression. In the month of September, 95,000 jobs were lost and 17.1% of Americans are underemployed.

In California's 44th congressional district, unemployment reported for August was at 15.3% in Riverside County and 9.6% in Orange County.

"Republicans stand ready to get back to work and enact policies that will free our economy from crushing uncertainty," said Rep. Calvert. "Extending the tax cuts, repealing the most onerous provisions of the health care law, and providing small businesses with a 20% tax deduction would go a long way in alleviating the concerns many people and businesses have about our economy."

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