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Issue Position: Education & Family Values

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After serving in Washington, Dana has not become one of them. He still believes in low taxes and more take-home pay. He still fights for local control of our schools and less bureaucracy and works to open more opportunity for our young people through fewer federal regulations and restrictions on our lives.

Representative Rohrabacher believes the most effective way to help our local schools is to end the flow of illegal immigrants who are flooding in our classrooms and consuming scarce education dollars that should go to our own children. Similarly, the best thing that can be done to help our local healthcare is to end the free services being provided to illegal immigrants. Free education and healthcare to illegals means less for our own citizens and legal immigrants.

While some candidates would remove any mention of God from public buildings and end prayers that begin our public meetings (even prayers that begin meetings of Congress), Rohrabacher has held firm a respect for traditional values. For 10 years he was co-Chairman of the Scouting Caucus, protecting the right of Scouts to include God in their Scout Oath and to maintain high moral standards for Scoutmasters.

Dana pledges that he will do his best to reverse the outrageous court decision outlawing God in our Pledge of Allegiance and will work to see that judges are appointed who will protect our religious freedom and traditions.

Dana and Rhonda Rohrabacher have been happily married for 13 years and live in Costa Mesa. They are the parents of 6 year old triplets, Annika, Christian and Tristen. Family pastimes include riding waves, playing at the park, building sandcastles and telling "Moon Monster" stories.

Dana and Rhonda are both Christians. Dana is an Eagle Scout and for ten years was Co-Chairman of the House Scouting Caucus.

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