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Issue Position: National Security

Issue Position

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Representative Rohrabacher believes the first priority of any decision made by our government should be the long-term well-being and safety of the American people. He does not believe we are well-served by giving power and authority to international organizations. He believes we should not depend on the United Nations for our security or to preserve peace and stability. In fact, Representative Rohrabacher, as Chairman of the Oversight and Investigative Subcommittee, played an important role investigating the oil-for-food scandal, which disclosed hundreds of millions of dollars in U.N./ Saddam Hussain related bribes and corruption.

Representative Rohrabacher is solidly behind America's armed forces, and America's efforts to defeat radical Islam, tyranny, and the sponsors of terrorism. Long recognized for his expertise in Afghanistan, Dana was the strongest voice in the Congress, demanding action against Bin Laden and the Taliban long before 9-11. He was personally involved in creating and then rallying support behind what became the Northern Alliance. Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has praised Congressman Rohrabacher for his contributions in the War on Terror and in playing "a significant role in helping to develop the effort for driving out radical Islam and the Taliban Regime from Afghanistan in 2001."

Representative Rohrabacher did not give into pressure to oppose the Surge of U.S. troops, which is now credited with turning the tide in Iraq against the radical Islamists there. The time has now come, however, for the Iraqi people to pick up the burden of the struggle against the enemies of freedom in their country.

Representative Rohrabacher has authored legislation insisting, at the very least, that the Iraqi government agree to pay the expenses for any further U.S. military operations in their country. Representative Rohrabacher has received the Medal of Freedom awarded for his role in fighting Communism and in sponsoring the legislation creating a Victims of Communism Memorial in Washington, D.C. He has also received an award from Amnesty International for his fight for Human Rights in China. He also is one of the few Americans to be awarded a royal medallion from the King of Afghanistan, for all he did to defeat Soviet invaders in Afghanistan, as well as the radical Islamist Taliban.

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