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Issue Position: Expanding Legal Immigration

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Greg Ball believes that forming a secure border and fair immigration policy are the two most important steps we can take as a country.

Some elected officials turn the other way when confronted with a tough issue, but Greg Ball has been willing to roll up his sleeves and get the job done. Greg Ball is a pro-immigrant state legislator who will continue to lobby for efforts that will expand and streamline opportunities for legal immigration, but continue to fight the failed federal policy that forces 6 million people to wait in line an average of 7 years, needlessly.

During his service in the assembly, Greg Ball accomplished a great deal on this issue; fighting back local attempts to construct a workstation for illegal aliens using taxpayer dollars, stopping efforts of a local municipality to issue illegal aliens identification cards in coordination with the Guatemalan Consulate, fighting to recall 23,000 drivers licenses issued to temporary residents with no "temporary resident" stamp, and spearheading efforts against Governor Spitzer's insane plan to aid and support 1 million illegal aliens as well as the terrorists in their midst.

Greg Ball has always maintained that as a country, America has been a success because of our large immigrant population, not in spite of it. As a people, we are a blend of the world and throughout our history a healthy immigration policy, largely open, yet tightly regulated, has ensured a constant flow of new faces, bright minds, talented souls and strong backs into the mainstream of our population.

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