Issue Position: Property Tax Reform

Issue Position

By:  David Carlucci
Location: Unknown

Over the past ten years in our District, the population has stagnated while property taxes have doubled. As companies continue to leave the area, the burden on individual taxpayers to provide the necessary funding to cover our District's considerable costs has increased greatly. This troubling trend will prevent citizens from buying or keeping homes and raising families in our District. David proposes a plan to cap property tax increases and consolidate resources to help reduce the crippling burden placed on individual taxpayers.

We need to come together and take a two-pronged approach: short term, to stop the bleeding immediately, and long term, to get at the root cause of the problem.

In the short term, I propose a true cap on property tax increases of 2% or the current rate of inflation, whichever is lower. If done correctly and fairly, this means we can hold the rates for all New Yorkers down so that people can get back on their feet and plan for the future. This is especially important during these difficult economic times.

In the long term, we need to consolidate the resources of local school districts and other taxing districts to help lower the property tax burden on individual taxpayers. David will also crack down on unfunded mandates from the State that force our schools to pay for programs they do not need and cannot afford. The burden on the taxpayer will also be reduced by attracting new jobs and businesses to the District under under David's job growth plan.

This isn't a problem with an easy solution where everyone benefits and no one pays. Rather, we need to tackle it together with common sense, common cause, and a common goal. This problem demands that we work together with a shared sense of purpose and avoid the proven path to failure: politicizing the issue, alienating our allies and looking for scapegoats.

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