Issue Position: Reforming Albany - Three Point Plan

Issue Position

By:  David Carlucci
Location: Unknown

Job One: Reform Albany

David will fight from my first moment in office to reform the way the State Senate conducts business. Without that reform, we won't be able to tackle the pressing issue of exploding property taxes, we won't be able to fix our outdated property tax formula, and we won't be able to stop pitting the education of our school children against the economic interests of property owners. First and foremost, we must reform the way Albany works, and we can't trust the people who have created this mess to clean it up.

David has a three point plan for change.

The Three "R's": Reform, Reform and Reform.

* Ethics Reform - What was shocking about the revelations about the conviction of former Majority Leader, Joe Bruno, was not his actions that violated federal law. It was the shocking actions he took that were actually legal under state law. We have to completely overhaul our state ethics laws. Laws need to have teeth and real penalties. Laws need to have independent oversight and enforcement. David will propose a bill that requires complete disclosure of all outside business conducted by our legislators...especially if that business affects the business of the state. These are common sense solutions to a terrible problem that has been fought tooth and nail by the present Albany establishment of both political parties.

* Campaign Finance Reform - The limits of contribution money allowed to New York State campaigns is laughable. These limits must be lowered to common sense levels and finance laws must be enforced...with harsh penalties for violations.

* Redistricting Reform - For decades, through gerrymandering, legislators have been picking their voters instead of the voters picking their legislators. That isn't democracy, its part of a calculated incumbency protection program...and again, both parties are guilty. There need to be challenges to the political power of incumbency, because it forces our representatives to be accountable for their actions, not to the monied and party interests that have made Albany the mess it is today.

David understand the incredible problems facing New York and the people of the 38th District; property taxes, out of control state spending, environmental protection, the economy and jobs, jobs and jobs... but none of these problems will get common sense solutions until we fix the legislature. Right now, these problems aren't solved. They are used as chess pieces in a political party power game. It's a game in which real New Yorkers aren't allowed to participate...but, unfortunately, it's a game where that real New Yorkers lose every time.

That is why David will fight for Albany reform from the minute he is sworn in as your state senator.

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