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Holden: The Stimulus Worked, Town Halls Not Necessary

Press Release

Location: Pottsville, PA

Dave Argall, Republican nominee for Pennsylvania's 17th Congressional District, released the following statement regarding his opponent's comments on the federal "stimulus."

"Right now, Washington is out of control and we have a Congressman who just doesn't get it. In an interview with the Patriot News' Editorial Board, my opponent, Congressman Holden, stated that the 'federal stimulus did a lot of good.' With unemployment reports in his home county consistently remaining at 11%, I beg to differ that it worked," Argall said. "I have been a staunch opponent of the stimulus bill and after listening to the concerns of citizens, more spending is not what we need. We need a balanced budget, lower taxes and Washington to live within its means, much like we do at home. Tim Holden is against all three of those common sense philosophies, as he voted for higher spending, to adjourn Congress without voting on extending the 2001 tax cuts and is opposed to the balanced budget amendment."

"I have also been bothered with Congressman Holden's zero town hall policy, especially over these past two years of Pelosi's tax and spend philosophy, and Tim has been a staunch supporter of these job-crushing policies."

"Maybe if Congressman Holden would take the time to listen to constituents, he would know his 95.6% voting record with Speaker Pelosi is not in line with the district. Unfortunately, he won't hold town halls and take the concerns of the people that he represents to Washington. He brings Washington ideas to the 17th District."

"It is time for someone that listens to the taxpayers, not ignores them. The stimulus was an $800 billion failure that wasted more of the taxpayers' hard-earned money. Job creation has gone in reverse, and special interest groups are making out in the deal while Pennsylvanians are hurting."

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