Issue Position: Senior Citizens

Issue Position

By:  Kevin Parker
Location: Unknown

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2008 an estimated 13.4 percent of New York's population consisted of individuals age 65 or older. After a lifetime of hard work and providing for their families, senior citizens deserve fundamental protections and services in order to continue to lead healthy and active lives. As New York's population ages, this becomes increasingly important. So I have:

* Passed law that increases SCRIE and DRIE income eligibility for senior citizens and helped simplify the renewal process

* Co-sponsored legislation that increases eligibility levels for the EPIC program, creates a missing vulnerable adult alert system for New York State, authorizes the Office of Children and Family Services ( in cooperation with the Office of the Aging) to track and report on the incidence of elder abuse and expands the deadline for seniors to apply for property tax exemption

* Sponsored programs and activities for seniors at numerous senior citizen centers

* Advocated for qualifying low income families, people with disabilities and senior citizens to access grant money to buy air conditioners and / or pay for electric bills in the summer

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