Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

By:  Kevin Parker
Location: Unknown

Since taking office in 2002, I have made immigration one of my top tier priority issues since it affects every population segment in my district. Though the 21st District is one of the most diverse in the State, we have recognized that we have several common issues. Immigration is one such issue. In this regard I have:

* Advocated for a speedy and less ambiguous immigration process

* In response to the January 12, earthquake in Haiti, established my district office as Temporary Protective Status site

* Introduced bill to provide individuals with limited English proficiency equal access to state departments, agencies and programs.

* Introduced anti-racial profiling bill

* Chaired the Democratic Task Force on New Americans

* Conducted immigration town hall meetings throughout the state

* Regularly produces citizenship application assistance forums

* Conducted immigration clinic in the district which provided a range of related services to constituents

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