Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

By:  Kevin Parker
Location: Unknown

Throughout my tenure in the State legislature, I have advocated education as an economic empowerment issue. Education holds the key to our empowerment. Therefore, I have done a lot in the area of education and youth development.

I have:

* Opposed cuts to education

* Voted to restore the state funding of reduced-fare metrocards to students

* Introduced legislation that protects the rights and safety of teachers

* Worked tirelessly to increase state aid to our schools; voted for record increase of $21.5 billion and delivered over $1.7 billion in classroom aid to NYC satisfying the Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) court decision.

* Advocated to improve student-teacher ratio, reduce class size, decrease the digital divide, and build more public schools

* Developed board to create charter schools

* Involvement Leave Act

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