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Small Businesses are Our Best Hope for New Jobs

Press Release

Location: Escanaba, CT

Doctor, Congressman Meet with Small Business Leaders

Dr. Dan Benishek, candidate for Congress in Michigan's 1st District, today toured area downtown small businesses following a breakfast forum with local business leaders and U.S. Congressman Aaron Schock (R-IL).

Rep. Schock, the youngest member of the U.S. House of Representatives and a member of the Small Business Committee, joined the Iron Mountain surgeon in a brief campaign swing to highlight the needs of small businesses in Northern Michigan.

Among the Escanaba businesses the two Republicans visited were Swedish Pantry and Mr. Bike Ski & Fitness.

"I know that Dr. Benishek will be a strong advocate of efforts to promote small business growth and job creation. As we work to bring unemployment rates down, it is absolutely essential that voters send more commonsense conservatives like Dr. Benishek to Congress," Rep. Schock stated.

Dr. Benishek noted, "While Gary McDowell has consistently voted for tax increases that have hurt small business owners, I have been consistent in my call to cut taxes, cut spending, and cut government regulation in order to allow businesses to start hiring again."

Dr. Benishek reiterated his opponent's record of voting for tax increases that hurt small businesses, including the tax on services. "State Rep. Gary McDowell joined the Lansing crowd in an effort to tax an unbelievable array of services, from fortune tellers and fitness trainers to landscapers and messenger services. Only after a public uproar did Mr. McDowell reverse himself, voting to repeal the same tax on services he supported weeks earlier," Dr. Benishek stated.[1]

Dr. Benishek added, "According to one state report, this wrong vote by Gary McDowell would have taken over $600 million dollars from private employers -- funds that could not then be used for job creation."[2]

"Votes that are bad for job creators have been a pattern with Gary McDowell, who has either been silent or wrong on a large number of fiscal questions -- from for-profit earmarks and across-the-board tax cuts to the permanent repeal of the death tax," Dr. Benishek concluded.

[1] McDowell voted yes on HB-5198, the Sales Tax on Services ( 09/30/2007. McDowell also voted yes on HB-5198, the Sales Tax on Services Repeal and replaced it with the MBT Surcharge ( 12/01/2007.

[2] Senate Fiscal Agency, H.B. 5198 Bill Summary, reports a tax collection estimated at $613.8 million, 10/04/2007.

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