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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


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SCHULTZ: Do you get a drift of what I"m saying, do you agree or disagree with me, what do you think?

DORGAN: No, I think that all of us understand there"s a lot of nervousness, people are anxious. Some very angry about what"s going on. But you know, Ed, it is neither partisan nor inaccurate to point out that this president inherited this mess. And the fact is, this is the biggest mess since the last depression 80 years ago and this president is not going to be able to fix it just like that in a year, a year and a half. And you know, he"s trying very hard. I think we"ve made some progress, this country was about to collapse, having a collapsed economy. And now the economy is at least growing a bit. So, the one thing I have seen out in the campaign trail though, Ed, is the dominant story is this fire hose of cash that"s out there from secret sources. You know, political TV campaigns, direct mail with you know, coming from the bottom feeders of politics, Karl Rove and others, $75 million from the Chamber of Commerce.


SCHULTZ: Is it having an impact? Is it having an impact?
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DORGAN: Oh, sure. Well, it has an impact when you have that kind of money coming in, the question is, you know, who"s trying to buy the election? Is this an auction or an election? This is the first time that we"ve had this, I mean...

SCHULTZ: Yes. Do you sense that people are--have a lot of angst about foreign money being in this equation? Do you think that they"re bothered by that or does that matter?

DORGAN: Well, they"re bothered about two things. Number one, a massive quantity of money that comes as a result of the Supreme Court decision, Citizens United, in which corporations can essentially put massive quantities of money in and not have it disclosed where it came from, number one. And number two, the question is, is there foreign money coming in? Now, the Chamber of Commerce knows we"re spending $75 million but it"s not foreign money. Well the fact is, they get some foreign money. They say just trust us. Well, I say, well you know what, why don"t you just show us? How about showing us? Tell us where the money comes from.

SCHULTZ: Yes, you had an amendment that didn"t go very--well, did got shot down. And you put the connection there of how the Chamber of Commerce fought so hard against your amendment in dealing with bringing jobs back to America.

DORGAN: Yes, just a couple of weeks ago, an amendment that would have shutdown the tax break for shipping jobs overseas. Pretty--you know, the right thing do. Pretty common sense. The Chamber of Commerce was aggressively opposed to it. I got over 50 votes but in the Senate, the minority insists on 60 votes because they filibuster.


DORGAN: But you know, the fact is, the same group that is opposed to shutting off the tax break for shipping jobs overseas, now comes in with massive quantities of money to try to affect the election and it"s secret money.

SCHULTZ: So who are they protecting? You have to ask the question, who is the Chamber protecting?

DORGAN: Yes, good question.

SCHULTZ: Senator, good to have you with us, thanks so much.

DORGAN: Thanks a lot, Ed.


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