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Again: Where are the Jobs, Congressman Courtney?

Press Release

Location: Essex, CT

Janet Peckinpaugh Questions Incumbent Congressman Courtney
on Lackluster Job Growth Figures

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released employment data this morning that reveals that Connecticut's September 2010 employment situation was virtually unchanged from September 2009. Congressional candidate Janet Peckinpaugh again posed the question that she first posed to incumbent Congressman Courtney after the September jobs release: "Where are the jobs, Congressman Courtney?"

After $787 billion in stimulus spending, automaker bailouts, and recklessness by the incumbents in Washington D.C. of both political parties, Connecticut isn't growing jobs and people are suffering. Janet Peckinpaugh believes that with a change of leadership in Washington, we can get our economy moving again.

"I want to represent eastern Connecticut in Congress because I believe that creating jobs should be our top priority," said Janet Peckinpaugh. "We need to cultivate an environment that is conducive to job growth. Reducing the tax burden, streamlining the regulatory process and making government work better for regular people will stimulate our economy more than reckless federal spending."

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