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Quayle: Hulburd Energy Plan Overheated, Underwhelming

Press Release

Location: Phoenix, AZ

CD 3 Democrat candidate Jon Hulburd today attacked Republican Ben Quayle on global warming and climate change. Quayle responded quickly.

"I'm glad he brought that up," said Quayle, "because his position on this issue is another Nancy Pelosi special, with another set of dire economic consequences for Arizona and America."

Hulburd calls Quayle a "climate change denier" and attacks him for saying, "Our planet has warmed and cooled since the beginning of time." No credible scientist in the world disputes that fact, but apparently Hulburd does.

"It's good to see this candidate removing his mask and revealing himself to the voters as another big-government, big-spending fraud who backs the Pelosi agenda and promotes market-busting policies," said Jay Heiler, Communications Director. "He's a limousine liberal and an economic illiterate, with no regard for the burdens his failed, elitist policies continue to place on the backs of working Americans."

Hulburd's boldly announced "clean energy plan" includes things that are already happening (tax credits for solar panel installation) and things that have been happening for decades (state and local government spending on public transportation).

Quayle said Hulburd's "plan" is really only useful as an insight into his ignore-the-cost-and-keep-increasing-spending mentality. "Notice that his so-called plan includes no information at all about what it will cost," said Quayle. "I support continuing development of renewable energy generation, but only with a clear communication to ratepayers of what it costs and only as part of an all-of-the-above energy strategy that increases American competitiveness, efficiency and economic growth.

"In Congress I will support efficiency, independence from foreign oil and economic growth as the foundations of a sound energy policy," said Quayle. Hulburd supports so-called "cap-and-trade" legislation which Nancy Pelosi pushed through the House last year, 219-212, over the objection of 44 Democrats. Quayle opposes the legislation. "It would only cap our economic growth and trade more American jobs overseas," Quayle said. "My opponent is to the left of 44 sitting House Democrats on this issue, and in lock-step with Nancy Pelosi."

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