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Jon Hulburd Ignores Health Care Debate

Press Release

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Democratic Congressional candidate Jon Hulburd chose to ignore a request to appear at a health care town hall last night sponsored by Arizonans for Health Care Freedom. Hulburd's no-show is the latest example of his efforts to avoid addressing his support for Obamacare, and his unwillingness to listen to voter concerns in Arizona's 3rd Congressional District.

The Arizona Republic recently stated: "Jon Hulburd's positions on key issues such as health care and immigration are a mystery. Republican Ben Quayle, speaking passionately and articulately on issues, leaves no question where he stands."

Not so with Hulburd. "This is a candidate who refused under repeated questioning to tell The Arizona Republic even how he would have voted on the Obamacare legislation," said Quayle spokesman Jay Heiler. "Instead he talks out of both sides of his mouth, saying he likes part of it and dislikes other parts. This isn't leadership; it's self-serving evasion."

Hulburd has also said that stopping Obamacare is a "fantasy."

Ben Quayle, Republican candidate for CD 3 said, "Instead of bloated government bureaucrats making our decisions, we need to repeal and replace Obamacare and come up with common sense ideas such as promoting private sector competition by allowing individuals to buy health care insurance across state lines, helping the uninsured population purchase health insurance by creating tax credits, allowing tort reform, and grants for states to set up high-risk insurance pools."

Also in attendance was Dr. Eric Novack, Chairman of Arizonans for Health Care Freedom. "It is critically important that our elected officials stand up for our right to control our health care decisions," Dr. Novack said. "Ben Quayle demonstrates clear leadership on the need to pass Prop 106, giving Arizonans the right to opt out of Obamacare mandates," he added.

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