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Boeing Announces Employees Must Pay More Due To Sen. Murray's Health Care Bill


Location: Bellevue, WA

On Monday, the Associated Press reported that due to "cost pressures" from the health care bill Sen. Murray coauthored, Boeing Co. is "asking employees to pay more for their medical benefits next year." U.S. Senate candidate Dino Rossi made the following statement regarding this announcement:

"Senator Murray promised lower costs with the passage of the new health care legislation, however for the last several weeks, families all over Washington State have seen their health care premiums skyrocket. And, now, after announcing that the bill Senator Murray wrote will cost the company $150 million, Boeing announced today, that their employees will be forced to pay more to keep the health care plans they've counted on for years.

"This legislation was supposed to increase access and reduce costs, but it does neither -- and even the President admitted he knew costs would increase. This is not the reform Washingtonians were promised, and Senator Murray's bill has failed Boeing, its employees, and every Washington family."

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