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President Obama Stumps for Endangered Career Politicians


Location: Portland, OR

"With Wyden's career in jeopardy it's no wonder he would solicit the help of the President. The problem is that Wyden voted lockstep with this administration's failed stimulus, job killing health care bill, and billions in tax hikes," Jim Huffman said. "Not exactly a strong record to run on in light of Oregon's stagnant economy and unemployment hovering at nearly 11%."

"While I welcome President Obama to Oregon, standing next to the President of The United States for a photo op isn't going to change the fact that under Ron Wyden's watch the national debt has exploded and thousands in Oregon are hurting and looking for work. President Obama couldn't have been more right when he said, "I just don't want to relive the past." Oregonians are tired of reliving Ron Wyden's failed policies of the past year after year. It is time for real change."

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