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New York Times Displays Glassman Spoof on McCain

Press Release

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On Monday, the New York Times blog "The Caucus' featured the latest video to come out of the Rodney Glassman for U.S. Senate campaign.

In yet another attempt to highlight the issues facing Arizonans and after being repeatedly ignored by the current Senator, the Glassman campaign released the satirical video, "Sweet Home Arizona." This spoof on the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic "Sweet Home Alabama" features Glassman, complete with backup band, performing an homage to Arizona as well as trying to counter some of the negative press his state has received of late. The lyrics are a tongue-in-cheek expression of Glassman's pride for Arizona and his campaign's core message that John McCain has failed to serve his state, and how that failure has cost his state in a big way.

The song begins,

Big oil, keep on drillin'
What about solar for our kids?
Housing market's in the toilet
Gotta get our families working again

Relevant captions scroll across the bottom of the screen, highlighting facts like McCain's support of $39 billion in subsidies to oil companies (whereas that money could be going to research into renewable energy sources) and that Arizona's unemployment rate is currently 10 percent.

In a message to supporters, Glassman explained his decision to release the video: "Arizona has its own distinct style. We're a little unconventional. We have our own way of seeing things and our own way of doing things. So I thought I'd get a little unconventional myself. " He continued to say that this video is another manner in which he is using humor to talk about the pressing issues facing the state. "I have tried and will continue to try to talk about job creation, educational reform and alternative energy methods. I urge my opponent again to talk about these pressing issues. If this video helps in that dialogue, then great."

The Glassman campaign has traveled to all 15 counties in Arizona and has challenged McCain to debates all across the state. McCain has refused, denying Arizonans the ability to make an informed choice in November. During the 2008 election, McCain called for "as many [debates] as we can possibly get." In this general election he has only agreed to one.

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