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White Mountain Independent -- Glassman Tours Area in Search of Support

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Location: Unknown

Rodney Glassman may be a lot of things, but under educated is not one of them.

The Tucson attorney/businessman, the Democratic opponent to Sen. John McCain, has five college degrees, including his juris doctor.

The former Congressional Aid sounds as Conservative as McCain when he talks about his goals.

"I am not running for Obama, nor against McCain. I'm running for Arizona."

Glassman has five degrees from the University of Arizona, "which means I had five sets of friends who graduated and had to leave the state to find work.

During his early college years he ran an ice skating rink. He has been in real estate and worked with developers and home builders. In addition to his work with Congress, he was vice mayor of Tucson.

He says he suggests a three-pronged attack on his number one priority, jobs for Arizonans.

"We need to expand the Arizona economy with solar technology and other forms of renewable energy. Portland, Or. receives more support for solar energy than Arizona, and we have 340 days of sunshine. Meanwhile our current Senator leads the pack in support for the oil industry."

He says that if the country had solar energy standards -- like mileage standards for the auto industry -- "companies from around the country would invest here to get access to our sunlight.

"Algae use little water, and wastewater at that. Take wastewater and sunlight and you get algae."

Algae can be used to make bio-fuels. Experts currently believe algae-based bio-diesel is the only way to get enough to replace carbon-based diesel. Estimates are that algae could produce 5-30,000 gallons of diesel annually. Even with the large spread, it's at least seven times more than it's closest competitor, Chinese tallow.

Glassman's second prong of the attack would be to facilitate the private sector.

"We need to cultivate investment, and the way to do that would be to make (former) research and development tax credits for companies permanent. President Ronald Reagan had to sacrifice these tax credits in the 1980s to get tax cuts passed.

The third point of attack, according to Glassman, would be a Senator who brings home tax dollars for Arizona infrastructure.

"We have a Senator who doesn't believe in earmarks," he says, "but the average state gets $50 per person back for projects. We get $18. We need to invest in quality of life for Arizonans."

As an example, he points out that while there are 10,000 armed forces veterans on the Navajo reservation, there is no V. A. hospital, or even a clinic.

He talks of water reclamation projects and the Chula Vista Bridge, which needs replacing.

As for health care, he suggests that "every American should have access to the same health care that every member of Congress has."

"I got into this because my wife and I are having a baby this fall, and I want to make life better for that child. This is not a Republican or Democratic year, it's a year to take care of Arizonans."

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