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Time for Handcuffs

Press Release

Location: Orlando, FL

Congressman Alan Grayson (FL-8) today applauded recently-announced federal law enforcement efforts to examine systemic fraud in the foreclosure process. The announcement follows a letter from the Congressman requesting such an investigation. The letter, sent last Thursday to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller and U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Florida Robert O'Neill, requested immediate action against offending foreclosure firms and the big banks that employ them.

Congressman Grayson said, "Taking someone's home is serious business, and it should not be done lightly. Foreclosure mills in my district and throughout the U.S. have been playing fast and loose with our basic property rights, and they must be held accountable for their unscrupulous practices before any more harm is done."

Congressman Grayson has been at the forefront of recent calls to ensure that homeowners are protected from the fraud and abuse rampant in the lending system. The Accountability page of the Congressman's web site contains several letters sent to some of the key players in the lending system. The letters request action to stem the increasingly aggressive use of fraud, abuse and negligence in foreclosure proceedings.

Congressman Grayson said, "I appreciate the action that the Administration is taking on this issue. I hope they act swiftly and decisively. To me and the many others concerned about this issue, it's clear that if the rule of law means anything, it's time for handcuffs."

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