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Bachmann Skips Out on CD6 for High-End Fundraiser in CD3; Clark Talks CD6 Issues in Debate Hosted by Monticello Chamber

Press Release

Location: Monticello, MN

Bachmann further proves St. Cloud Times' claim that 6th District is her last priority

While Michele Bachmann was wooing donors with Mitt Romney in Bloomington, Tarryl Clark took to the stage in Monticello for a debate hosted by the area Chamber of Commerce. The one hour debate featured questions from the audience on topics ranging from growing small businesses to the appropriate plans for a withdrawal from Afghanistan. Clark also held a rally prior to the debate with over 50 in attendance.

In the debate, Clark again noted Bachmann's absence from these important discussions and repeatedly took her to task for her ignoring her district.

"I'm disappointed that Michele Bachmann decided to attend a high-end fundraiser in Bloomington tonight instead of being here to talk about the important issues that we face in this election. As the St. Cloud Times put it, 'Michele Bachmann has proved with unabashed consistency that serving 6th District constituents is essentially her last priority,'" said Clark.

Throughout the debate, Clark highlighted her differences with Bachmann, pointing to Bachmann's recent votes against bills to support small businesses, stop outsourcing, and keep first responders on the job.

"If Congresswoman Bachmann were here, she would tell you that she supports small businesses, but she's voted against countless initiatives to grow small businesses and put people back to work," said Clark. "Congresswoman Bachmann also voted against measures to keep jobs here in America not once, not five times, not even eight times, but a stunning eleven times. That's eleven times that Michele instead stood with the big corporations that outsource our jobs instead of small businesses that create jobs here at home."

Clark concluded the forum by painting a picture of Michele Bachmann's America.

"In Michele Bachmann's America, teachers are money-launderers, making BP compensate oil spill victims was extortion, and big corporations should be able to do whatever they want. I know we can do better," said Clark. "In Congress, you will be my first priority."

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