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Collett Supports Repeal of Obamacare

Press Release

Location: Saint Paul, MN

McCollum "Very Proud of Vote" on Obamacare

Teresa Collett, Republican candidate for congress in Minnesota's fourth district today challenged DFL Rep. Betty McCollum to explain her vote on Obamacare. The health care reform bill, which passed on a partisan democrat party line vote, has failed to provide coverage for those who are uninsured and increased the cost of health care coverage for small businesses and individuals. The bill even includes a measure that would allow Viagra and other erectile dysfunction prescription medication coverage for convicted child molesters, rapists and other sex offenders. When asked about Obamacare at the White Bear Lake Chamber of Commerce debate last week, McCollum stated that she was "very proud of that vote".

During the congressional debate over healthcare, Republican Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn introduced an amendment that would prevent tax dollars from paying for ED medication for convicted sex offenders. The amendment was rejected by the democrat majority party in the Senate prior to passage of the overall bill. The bill, which includes coverage of ED medication for sex offenders, was then voted upon by the House of Representatives where Rep. McCollum cast a "YES" vote.

"Obamacare is full of wasteful and troubling provisions. It puts government between patients and their doctors and forces prices up by requiring taxpayers to pay for something as ridiculous and dangerous as Viagra for sex offenders. When I am elected I will work to repeal Obamacare and replace it with affordable, patient-centered solutions to problems in our healthcare system," stated Teresa Collett.

"Either Betty McCollum read the bill and was ok with increasing the costs and lowering the quality of health care in America while providing Viagra for convicted sex offenders or she never read the bill prior to voting on it. Both explanations are proof positive that Betty McCollum does not represent the values of Minnesotans in this district," said Collett campaign manager Todd Henderson.

Teresa Collett is a law professor at the University of St. Thomas, a wife and mother of three, an author, lecturer and advocate.

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