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Issue Position: Health and Education

Issue Position

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Every day in Rhode Island, our most needy populations face challenges in receiving proper care and services. Rhode Island youth need access to quality education programs that keep them in school and in healthy and safe learning environments. Seniors need a cost-sharing program so they can afford necessary prescription drugs. As part of the leadership team at the Rhode Island State House, Sen. Paiva Weed prioritizes the health and education of the residents of Rhode Island.

Quality Education to Support the Future of Rhode Island
Sen. Paiva Weed has:

* created the CCRI 21st Century Workforce Commission to ensure training is available to equip workers with the skills to succeed in today's economy.
* invested in adult education programs and the expansion of the CCRI campus in Newport.
* Redefined CCRI as a workforce development center and provided funding to meet that goal.
* sponsored a bill to bolster after school and summer learning programs for elementary school children.
* supported legislation to reserve half of charter schools in the state for at-risk youth.
* passed legislation allowing for more charter schools.
* supported Rhode Island's application for Race to the Top to bring additional funds to Rhode Island schools.

Affordable Coverage and Access to Quality Healthcare for Everyone

Access to quality healthcare is critical for all Rhode Island residents. From her first day in office, Sen. Paiva Weed took charge to ensure Rhode Islanders have affordable healthcare options.
Sen. Pavia Weed has:

* advocated for a cap on premiums for small employer groups.
* promoted insurance for disabled citizens and a waiver for individuals with pre-existing conditions.
* supported the RIPAE program to assist seniors in the high costs of prescription drugs.

Healthy Residents Sustain a Healthy Environment

The health and safety of our citizens go hand in hand with the health of our surrounding environment. Sen. Paiva Weed has worked diligently to ensure open spaces and our beautiful bay are protected, while advocating for the transfer to renewable energy to promote clean air. District 13 overlooks Narragansett Bay, and Sen. Paiva Weed is noted for her work to protect the surrounding water so it may remain healthy and safe for citizens and families in her community.
In the Senate, Sen. Paiva Weed has:

* supported efforts to bring solar and wind farms to Rhode Island.
* endorsed the passing of net-metering legislation, which facilitates smaller scale renewable energy projects by homeowners, communities and businesses.
* sponsored legislation creating the Habitat Restoration Fund and rewarding local companies that assist in the effort to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Sen. Paiva Weed has been endorsed by Clean Water Action and the Sierra Club.

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