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Issue Position: Economy and Jobs

Issue Position

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Rhode Islanders are experiencing fear and hardship due to the troubled economy. Sen. Paiva Weed is working to foster job creation and ensure businesses have the tools they need to flourish. As in every year, it is the general assembly's priority to pass a fair and equitable budget. Every decision made is in the best interest of the state as Sen. Paiva Weed continues to work for a brighter future. A forward thinking leader, Sen. Paiva Weed has championed the growth of the renewable energy sectors and bringing green jobs to Rhode Island.

Small Businesses are the Backbone of Rhode Island's Economy

The historic side streets and busy main roads of Rhode Island are lined with small businesses. For this reason, it is important that our state's policies make the lives of small business owners simpler.

Sen. Paiva Weed made it a priority to improve these processes so small business owners can focus on their most important job -- running their business. Ensuring that their job is done well will ensure that the thousands of Rhode Islanders who are employed by small businesses are able to stay at work.

At the state house, Sen. Paiva Weed:

* advanced the most comprehensive restructuring of the state's income tax in 40 years.
* helped small businesses access capital through initiatives expected to lead to the creation of over 850 jobs.
* improved the skills of the Rhode Island workforce.
* established the Small Business Task Force to advocate for all business owners by cutting red tape, consolidating paperwork and relieving bureaucratic hurdles.
* created a small business ombudsman to represent the needs of small business owners.
* advocated for a cap on insurance premiums for small employer groups.

A Green Economy will Move the State Forward
Rhode Island may be small, but it is packed with progress. Renewable energy projects are critical to our economy, and Sen. Paiva Weed works closely with companies to ensure renewable energy projects are brought to fruition.

Sen. Paiva Weed has:

* worked diligently for the advancement of green technology and the production of biodiesel and other alternative energies in Rhode Island.
* advocated strongly for a renewable energy bill for offshore wind projects.
* supported tax incentives for companies that invest in green technology.
* promoted a state fuel tax exemption for Rhode Island for the use and support of biodiesel.

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