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Where is the Recovery, Bill? Today's Labor Numbers Confirm Failure of Policies Backed by Rep. Owens

Press Release

Location: Watertown, NY

With the nation's jobless numbers hovering just under 10 percent for yet another month, 23rd Congressional District candidate Matt Doheny is challenging incumbent Rep. Bill Owens to "answer one simple question: where are the jobs?" that were promised by the Congressman's and the Obama Administration's economic policies.

"You can feel the anger and frustration across this district," Doheny said this morning after the 9.6 September unemployment figure was announced by the Labor Department. The percentage of underemployed Americans -- which includes people who can't find a job but are working part-time, plus those who have given up the search for a job -- rose to 17.1 percent from 16.7 in August.

"We haven't arrived at this point by accident. Policies were developed, pushed through Congress, and implemented. They have been the wrong policies -- yet Bill Owens continues to support them."

Campaigning this summer, Owens lauded the centerpiece of Obama's economic recovery plan: "Seeking a Second Term, Democrat Bill Owens Defends the Federal Stimulus," read a headline from North Country Public Radio on July 7. The trillion dollar stimulus plan, along with the health care legislation for which Owens cast his first Congressional vote, are among the massive spending and regulatory bills cited as keeping the brakes on the country's economy.

"Bill Owens has voted with Speaker Pelosi 93 percent of the time," Doheny said. "He has supported more than $1 trillion in spending in just 12 months. Yet the needle on the recovery still hasn't moved."

"We need to get government out of the way of small business, and stop the spending in Washington and the taxing of the American people," Doheny continued. "We need to change direction. Today's labor figures, unfortunately, just confirm that."

Doheny, a Watertown investor specializing in turnarounds and restructurings, is seeking election on the Republican and Independence Party lines.

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