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Walker Misleads Wisconsin on Embryonic Stem Cell Research, and Hides His Radical Plans to Ban It

Press Release

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Scott Walker continues to mislead Wisconsin voters about stem cell research, making claims not supported by the scientific and research community. And Walker continues to hide his extreme plans to ban this research.

Walker has pledged if elected governor he would shift resources away from embryonic stem cell research and into adult stem cell research because he claims adult stem cell research hold the "greatest path" to cures for diseases. He has also said all grant money should go to adult research, not embryonic. And Walker even told the right-wing fringe group Pro Life Wisconsin he would actually ban embryonic stem cell research -- though he has refused to repeat that extreme view to the press or general public even when repeatedly asked for a straight answer.

Precedent for a state ban on stem cell research exists: South Dakota, for example, has banned research involving human embryonic stem cells.

And Walker's stem cell claims are at odds with the very people performing the work in this critical field. According to scientists and researchers, embryonic stem cells are viewed as having more promise to cure diseases because they have the unique ability to transform into other cell types, offering more and greater opportunities for breakthroughs and advancements.

"Scientists should decide which research provides the greatest hope to families for cures for diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Juvenile Diabetes and more," said Tom Barrett. "The future of stem cell research in Wisconsin should not be determined by the extreme ideological politicians like Scott Walker who is so far outside Wisconsin's mainstream he won't tell the truth about his secret plans to snuff out this science, and the hope and economic opportunities it holds."

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