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Idaho Press-Tribune - The Bush Tax Cuts Should Be Permanent


Location: Unknown

By Raul Labrador

I would absolutely vote for making the Bush tax cuts permanent--this is essential to the recovery of the American economy! I am disgusted that the current Democrat controlled Congress adjourned before addressing this issue by voting, despite their sudden claims of support for all or part of the Bush tax cuts. It is yet more proof that the leadership of Congress must pass to the Republican Party.

To be clear, I am for making all of the tax cuts permanent. It is not right to create special classes of taxpayers while exempting others. The richest Americans already shoulder the burden of paying the most taxes in our country. The wealthiest Americans at the same time make the most investments in both old and new businesses. These are the businesses that create jobs and in turn allow small businesses to flourish.

Keeping taxes low is a key part of my campaign platform. So then the question actually becomes, how do we pay for these in the fiscally responsible manner? This is another key element of my candidacy. We have to bring the economics of the kitchen back to the federal government. Congress must behave as we are all forced to do in our own homes. You cannot spend more than you earn. This means we will need to cut spending.

My proposal for cutting spending seems simple, but due to the radical spending agenda of the Pelosi/Obama administration it will require effort. I want to reduce spending by the federal government back to the levels of 2008, before the spending madness truly began.

This is not going to be an easy thing to accomplish, but we must have a rational discussion as Americans as to what we can afford and what we ought to be spending our limited resources on. America is a great nation with limitless opportunities, but we must be reasonable and understand we cannot continue to spend money for things we cannot afford.

As it stands now quite a bit of the federal budget is reserved in so-called dedicated funding. While a great deal of this spending is important, we cannot continue to operate with a belief that everything is sacred. It is simply no longer possible for us to avoid the difficult decisions that this and previous Congressional sessions have for too long.

When I am elected to Congress I will be part of the new true conservative Republican majority that will put into place policies that will eventually produce the economic growth. These policies will increase the tax base without raising taxes while we pursue a more limited spending agenda that ultimately leads to a balanced budget.

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