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Blog: The Minimum Wage Lie


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Some politicians will say anything to get ahead -- no matter how untrue.

Over the last two weeks, Dick Blumenthal has been making the false claim that I support lowering the minimum wage. But repeating something that isn't true doesn't make it true.

I'm opposed to reducing the minimum wage. I never said I support reducing the minimum wage. And Dick Blumenthal knows that.

The New York Times, the Hartford Courant and the CT Mirror all agree.

Blumenthal's attacks are based on a single false and misleading headline that was published by The Day of New London.

"The Democratic National Committee pounced, repeating the erroneous headline," reported the CT Mirror.

The New York Times wrote, "Ms. McMahon has never called for lowering the minimum wage."

The Hartford Courant concluded: "Did Linda McMahon say she supports lowering the minimum wage? No."

"She never said that," added the CT Mirror.

The Attorney General's special-interest donors are working overtime to send him to Washington. And to get the job done, they're willing to spread a completely false, thoroughly discredited story.

Dick Blumenthal points to an event in which I accepted the endorsement of a small business group. Here's what I actually said:

Well, the minimum wage now in our country, I think we have set that, and so there are a lot of people who have benefit from that, but I think we need to review how much it ought to be, and whether or not we ought to have increases in the minimum wage, and how is it planned, does it get tied to inflation, or are there just automatic increases in it, and I think we should always review the policies that have been put in place to make sure that they are in keeping with the needs today.

We have got minimum wages in states, we have got minimum wages in the (federal) government, and I think we ought to look at all of those issues in terms of what mandates are being placed on businesses and can they afford them. I think we should get input from our business community. We should listen to our small business operators and we should hear what it is they have to say and how it's impacting their businesses and make some of those decisions.

A headline in The Day gave an entirely inaccurate account of what I said in my remarks about potential increases in the minimum wage.

The Blumenthal campaign, desperate to stop my surging campaign, is running advertisements based on the false report.

Some politicians will say anything, and frankly, I'm not surprised that Dick Blumenthal is once again being dishonest. He has a pattern of dishonesty, as we've seen with his many misstatements on Vietnam and his misleading statements relative to the special interests that are funding his campaign. Several months ago he stated that he had never been a Washington insider, even though he once worked in the White House, in the Supreme Court, in the U.S. Senate, and even for the Washington Post. More recently, he went to Vancouver for a trial-lawyer fundraiser, but later told a TV reporter that he didn't. Eventually he was forced to admit the truth. And just a few weeks ago, he told a voter that he doesn't support cap-and-trade, even though he personally lobbied Washington for the legislation just last year.

This has been a tough campaign. I always knew it would be. Career politicians don't surrender their power and privileges easily.

But even in a tough campaign, candidates have a responsibility to tell the truth. Dick Blumenthal's misleading statements on the minimum wage aren't truthful.

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