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Hearing of the Senate Budget Committee - Nomination of Jacob Lew for Director of the Office of Management and Budget


Location: Unknown

Thank you, Mr. Chairman, and let me associate myself with your comments relative to the nominee. Large segments of our government work well and it's because of the people who have dedicated themselves to public service and have gone the extra mile in that area. Jack Lew certainly falls into that category.

I've had the great pleasure of knowing Jack for years. He probably didn't know me when I was a junior member of the House, and he was working for House Speaker Tip O'Neill, but I knew Jack. Since then, I've watched him do many jobs, all of them very well, and with great integrity and a great forthrightness. He always gives you a straight answer. It may not be one you agree with, but it's always a straight answer, and he's willing to make the tough calls that have to be made at OMB. He's already done it once and the fact that he's willing to go back again…I may question his thought process on that (laughs)…but it's great that you are.

The nation is fortunate to have you assume this position during this time when clearly, in my opinion, the biggest threat to this nation after the potential of a terrorist using a weapon of mass destruction is our financial health. We need leadership in the area of disciplining ourselves financially and I look forward to working with you to accomplish that. I thank you again for being willing to take on this job, and I especially appreciate your wife's understanding in allowing you to take on this job.

Thank you.

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