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Issue Position: Fiscal Responsibility

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Attorney General Van Hollen believes in a limited government and emphasizes the importance of prioritizing government obligations.

The first obligation of any representative government is to provide for public safety, but this first principle is not exempt from the reality that citizens pay for their government -- every day, in every penny taken out of what you make. Therefore the government shouldn't take more by simply taxing you more.

Under the current administration, the government it too big, the taxes are too high and the government spends too much.

Ronald Reagan was fond of saying there are two entities with insatiable appetites for more… babies and your government… and if you're not careful when you get to the bottom of it the results can look pretty much the same.

The key to good government is priorities. The government does have some obligations to do for us what we can't do individually, but it can not do everything for everyone and it shouldn't.

Van Hollen understands that public safety has the first claim to the public treasury, but as an elected official, he recognizes that it is the people who pay for their government and he is accountable to them; to spend their money to increase their safety, not to needlessly increase government.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice sets priorities -- public safety and fiscal responsibility being chief among them and they manage with what they have, and direct resources to areas that need them.

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