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Issue Position: State Health Care

Issue Position

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As we have seen, the federal government and the Obama Administration have a much different idea of how to best deliver affordable and accessible health care. The new federal health care law will place a large fiscal burden on individual states to cover the cost differences for implementing and administering the law. I believe this Act by the federal government was the wrong course of action, and will not only cost Wisconsin taxpayers untold millions of dollars, but also potentially put the quality of their health care in jeopardy.

Wisconsin continues to struggle with soaring budget deficits, and adding additional health care costs would require Wisconsin to either significantly cut numerous programs, or increase taxes and fees in greater numbers and on more people. A European-style "value-added" tax could be implemented, in which consumers are subject to additional sales taxes on goods and services not necessarily related to health care, but required in order to cover the additional cost of the health care plan.

In addition to the federal health care law, Wisconsin has also embarked on its own plans to provide more health care coverage to more people, regardless of the cost to Wisconsin taxpayers. While legislative Democrats were not successful in creating their own universal health care program a couple of years ago, they are on the path to doing so through various proposals to increase the government's role in the day to day health care needs of Wisconsin residents. They have greatly expanded the BadgerCare program, a program originally intended to provide care for young children who may truly need it. Now, BadgerCare is available to adults, even adults who have no children of their own. All of this is costing taxpayers millions of dollars each year, at a time when they can least afford it.

I believe this continuous creep towards a total state government-run health care must be stopped before government entirely takes over the industry. Such a takeover could lead to a lesser quality of care, long waiting lines, more unnecessary government bureaucracy, and potentially the rationing of health care. All the while, costs will soar, service will deteriorate, and the Democrats' idealist view of offering health care for all will collapse in on itself.

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