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Issue Position: State Regulation

Issue Position

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Our laws and regulations are in place for a myriad of reasons. We, as a people, believe businesses and individuals have an obligation to follow certain guidelines and rules in order to benefit a community or the state as a whole. But sometimes, those rules and regulations go too far, and place a too heavy and costly burden on those who are trying to do the right thing.

Business leaders make their decisions to locate, expand, or remain in Wisconsin on a number of factors. Certainly, taxes rank very high, but equally as much are the regulations enacted by the Legislature or various state agencies. More commonly referred to as "bureaucracy" or "red tape", many businesses of all sizes often find themselves under the scrutiny of a government which believes command and control is the most sound public policy. I disagree.

During my tenure in the Legislature, I have worked diligently to craft legislation that provides for more collaboration and cooperation among the regulators and the regulated. We have adopted and enacted regulations which make sense and provide businesses an opportunity to work with agency officials, rather than against them. In addition, we have attempted to create an environment where companies can be a part of the solution to many concerns, rather than looked upon as the cause of them.

However, at this moment in time, legislative Democrats are devising new and controversial plans to make Wisconsin's regulatory framework more restrictive and more costly for those who are simply trying to succeed during a difficult economic period. Whether it's a new stringent environmental policy or measures to effectively ban certain products or services in Wisconsin, they have no shortage of ideas to make Wisconsin an island in a very competitive national and global economy. If they get their way, over the course of the next few years, they will literally regulate businesses out of Wisconsin, taking jobs and people with them.

That is why I support efforts to streamline regulatory permits and programs, make state agencies more accountable to the people they're required to serve, provide frequent legislative audits and oversight on questionable or failing regulatory programs, create incentives for companies that wish to go above and beyond compliance, and initiatives to make Wisconsin government more business-friendly. Those, and many more efforts like them, require the political will and fortitude to see them through. I believe my record in this regard speaks for itself.

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