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Issue Position: State Spending

Issue Position

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During my tenure in the Legislature, I have watched Democrats create one new government program after another with no thought for the explosive costs that come with them. They believe the role of government is to be all things to all people, and provide entitlements to anyone willing enough to subject themselves to a massive state bureaucracy. Those grandiose ideas and programs have cost Wisconsin taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars over the last few years, with little to no regard for accountability or efficiency.

In addition, they have literally raided nearly $2 billion from state accounts that were once thought to be protected from such raids. Their multi-million dollar shell games have decimated the Transportation Fund, Medical Malpractice Fund, Recycling Fund, just to name a few. Those monies have been manipulated and shifted for years, all for the purpose of paying for programs completely unrelated to the intent of those so-called protected funds. In the end, Wisconsin resident get stuck with covering those shortfalls through higher vehicle registration fees, increased medical costs, and less money for local recycling programs. Those budget tricks and gimmicks must end once and for all.

State government does serve a purpose for its citizens, but at times, that purpose must be limited. That is why I support initiatives to create greater transparency in the budget writing process, measures to limit the extent of state spending each biennium, and efforts to make the tough decisions where necessary to rein in state spending when taxpayers can simply afford no more.

State budgets are all about priorities and common-sense spending decisions. We have lost our way over the last few budgets and must act accordingly in the next budget cycle to return balance to a budget which is required to be balanced, and is free of non-fiscal policy items which end up costing taxpayers even more. No more games, no more tricks; the people of Wisconsin expect honesty in this paramount responsibility of state lawmakers and I am prepared to do everything in my ability to uphold that responsibility.

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