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Why Ike Skelton Lies

Press Release

Location: Harrisonville, MO

Fed up with being the target of blatant lies and distortions, 4th Congressional District Republican candidate Vicky Hartzler is calling out 17 term incumbent Democrat Congressman Ike Skelton, demanding that in the final three weeks of the election campaign he tell the truth

"Ike Skelton is not a political novice," said Hartzler. "He knows that when I voted against a military-related bill during my time in the State Legislature, it was because I could not approve siphoning money away from veterans' homes for other purposes. He knows my votes were pro-military, yet he allows lies to be told in his TV ads. While I have disagreed with Mr. Skelton on policy issues, I thought of him as an honorable man. It is disappointing that he would stoop to such tactics to hold onto his power. It's just one more indication that it's time for him to go."

Skelton, through his ads, has not only lied about Hartzler's commitment to the military, but also about her commitment to Second Amendment rights. Her 1999 vote against sending a right-to-carry initiative to a vote of the people was a principled stand based on her belief that our Second Amendment rights are enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and should not be put to a popular vote. As an outspoken advocate for right-to-carry, she believed the legislature should just give the people the rights already granted to them in the U.S. Constitution.

"You worked with the Second Amendment rights groups closely in the state of Missouri during the Proposition B debacle, when the Missouri Second Amendment groups did not believe God given rights should be put to a popular vote," wrote Western Missouri Shooters Alliance President Sheila Stokes-Begley in a letter endorsing Hartzler's candidacy. "We knew the risk of vote fraud and that lies would be spread about this issue and that is just what happened."

Now new lies are being spread by Mr. Skelton, who has long been respected in Missouri politics. Veterans, their organizations, and even some members of the media are openly stating Ike Skelton's accusations and allegations are lies -- pure and simple. He lies about Hartzler's record because he cannot tell the truth about his own record which is highlighted by votes for cap and trade, reckless spending, and support for Nancy Pelosi's agenda 95 percent of the time.

Vicky Hartzler stands ready to defend her record in a public forum with Mr. Skelton. Yet he fears appearing side by side with her to allow citizens to question him on his actions. It's time the media played its role as government watchdog and called Mr. Skelton out of hiding.

"Congressman Skelton, regain your honor by telling the truth about me," said Hartzler. "The truth should never be a casualty of an individual's desire to hold onto a job at all costs."

Vicky and Lowell Hartzler live near Harrisonville in Cass County, where they operate a diversified crop and livestock family farming operation. They own Hartzler Equipment Company, a family business with three stores in the 4th District. A former classroom teacher, Hartzler served in the Missouri House of Representatives from 1995-2001, winning with an average 66 percent of the vote in her three election victories. In 2004, she was spokesperson for Missouri's successful constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage.

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