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Send a True Conservative to Washington


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Just when you think American politics is about as backward as it could possibly be, think about this: as President Obama and the leadership in Congress insist upon pouring more and more money into government-run programs, the communist government in Cuba is recognizing the economic value of returning jobs to the private sector. Take a look at this article.

Last month, Cuba introduced a whole host of economic reforms. These reforms would move close to 500,000 government jobs--an entire 10 percent of its payroll--to the private sector. Along with several other major reforms, including allowing Cuban business owners to hire workers who are not their relatives in many professions, the Cuban government is making way for what could be a serious expansion of entrepreneurship.

Think about it. If governments around the world understand that the best way for a nation to create jobs is to remove government from the process, why doesn't ours? Sadly, the current leadership in Washington, DC, has failed to comprehend the value of free market principles and the very simple notion that both you and I know too well: the government cannot create jobs; only the private sector can. If countries like Cuba understand the economic value of releasing government jobs to the pool of innovation and success that is the private sector, I am confident that there is still a chance to reverse the trend of government control over private enterprises here at home.

With only three weeks left in this important election, I am pushing hard to get the message of the FairTax and freedom out to the Seventh District. I am confident that on November 2 this district will do its part to send a true conservative to Washington who will help a new Congress move our government out of the way of our prosperity.

Last night"s Winder Freedom Forum was great and a step in the right direction. I thank everyone who came out and asked the important questions. I know that together--with good and consistent communication--you and I can lead this country forward.

If you haven't been to a Freedom Forum recently, I encourage you to come and to bring a friend. To see when the next one in your area will be, please visit the events section of my website,

I don't have all the answers, but I know with certainty that you are part of the solution. Thank you again for all that you do. Have a great weekend.


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