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Mike Keown Thanks Sanford Bishop: For Spreading Keown's Message of Taking Care of Our Seniors

Press Release

Location: Albany, GA

Today, Congressman Sanford Bishop and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee resorted to their typical, rhetorical scare tactics, putting words in the mouth of Representative Mike Keown instead of taking a look at his history - offering no real solutions to the problem, which Sanford himself has been a part of for over 18 years.

"With a broken system on our hands, Mike Keown, unlike his opponent Sanford Bishop, is trying to exercise every option to try and solve the issue of a bankrupt Social Security system, which remains a forefront issue to all Americans," said Andrew O'Shea, Mike Keown's campaign manager. "People are being led to believe by Sanford Bishop that after paying for Social Security benefits their entire lives that they are guaranteed to receive these benefits. There is no such guarantee for the current system, and if the current federal deficit spending that Congressman Bishop has fostered for the last 18 years is any indication of how the government will treat our Social Security benefits, we need to start expanding our options."

"Seniors know better," said Mike Keown, candidate for the 2nd congressional district of Georgia. "It's time to put the power back in the people's hands, and with a broken system I will do everything in my power to ensure that all seniors are taken care of. I would like to thank Sanford Bishop and the DCCC for spreading my message of ensuring benefits for seniors while also looking towards the future to fix the problem we will soon be facing."

"I'm 56 years old and I am not about to do anything to jeopardize Social Security. After paying in most of my life I hope to draw my check, too. I believe we can fully fund Social Security by reducing wasteful spending in other areas of the budget. Seniors will be protected and nothing for them should change - we owe them that much. For those younger adults, there should be an option where they could self determine how they want to structure their retirement." Mike Keown offered a solution, "If they want the federal government to be their broker then they could continue to pay into Social Security, but if they think they can make a wiser retirement investment they should have that option."

Mike Keown's statements come on the coattails of the DCCC's most recent attacks on Keown, claiming he is for purely privatizing Social Security leaving seniors high and dry.
"Sanford Bishop offers no real solutions to a problem that he has been a part of during his last nine terms in Congress. He has resorted to his same method of financing today while bankrupting the country at the expense of the American taxpayer. It's time to fully fund Medicare and Social Security while also looking for an alternative for the future."

The Keown campaign remains confident. "Seniors won't be fooled by the campaign tactics of Congressman Bishop," O'Shea said. "They are interested in solving our current problems, not continuing down the broken path that Congressman Bishop has so elegantly tread for us for the last 18 years."

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