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Martha Roby: Dem Economic Policies Are Stifling Job Creation


Location: Montgomery, AL

Martha Roby, Republican nominee for Alabama's Second Congressional District, made the following comments regarding the jobs report released today:

"Today's disappointing jobs report confirms what we already knew: our economy continues to suffer under the Democrats' failed economic policies. In the midst of a reckless spending spree, soaring debt, and job-killing regulation, small business owners lack the confidence they need to expand, invest, and hire new workers. What business owner is willing to take that risk when he fears his taxes are about to go up, or that burdensome regulations might suddenly be imposed?

"Our economy won't come back until we start creating jobs. More spending and borrowing is not the answer. To create sustained growth, we need to provide the market with certainty about the future by returning to the proven economic policies of free enterprise, limited government, and low taxes. It is critical that we extend the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, which, if allowed to expire now, would surely harm our fragile economy. We need to repeal the estate tax, which is set to spike to an astonishing 55 percent next year. We should repeal and replace the Democrats' 2,700-page health care law, which is packed with costly new taxes, mandates, and regulations. And we need to send the clear signal that the Democrats' cap-and-tax scheme is dead-on-arrival.

"None of that is going to happen so long as Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Bobby Bright are in the majority in the House of Representatives. We need people in Congress who are willing to fight for the conservative principles that restrain government and promote long-term growth and prosperity. Only then can we get our economy back on track."

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