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Public Statements - Sheheen Talks with Voters at Reception

News Article

Location: Hartsville, SC

By Lisa Chalian-Rock

Move forward. That's the message from state Sen. Vincent Sheheen of Camden in his bid for the governor's office for South Carolina.

"My goal is not to move South Carolina to the left or to the right. My goal is to move it forward," Sheheen said before a crowd at Lawton Park on Tuesday. He wants to revive the governor's office as the chief economic development officer "like the great governors of the past, Fritz Hollings and Carol Campbell."

He also said he's committed to helping the rural areas of the state. "You'll have a governor that will pay attention to smaller counties," Sheheen said.

"This is our opportunity to make South Carolina better," he said. "We've lived with division, squabbling and pettiness for too long."

Sheheen noted the sharp distinctions between himself and his opponent state Rep. Nikki Haley, saying "she puts ideology above the people of this state."

"I'm proud to be the graduate of public schools -- the only one in the race," he said. "I'll be the first governor in the state of South Carolina's history who will have attended integrated public schools from start to finish."

He also said he was the kind of man "who pays his taxes and pays them on time."

"Where I grew up, if you're going to say it, you're going to do it," Sheheen said, referring to Haley's issues of transparency and accountability.

"We can't have the politics of the past, especially the last eight years," Sen. Gerald Malloy of Hartsville said. "If we have four more years of what we had in the last eight, it's going to be bad."

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