Jim Folsom's "Checkered Past" Exposed by Birmingham News

Press Release

By:  Kay Ivey
Date: Oct. 12, 2010
Location: Montgomery, AL

Republican Kay Ivey, candidate for the office of Lieutenant Governor of Alabama, said an article in today's Birmingham News by Mary Orndorff written about the history of public corruption in Alabama underscores a continuing practice of questionable judgment by Jim Folsom, Jr.

The article entitled, "Bingo Probe Just Another Piece in Alabama's Checkered Past," cites several cases of public corruption, including that of John Tanner, a legal adviser to then-Governor Jim Folsom, and Bill Drinkard, a state senator picked by Folsom to be Chair of the powerful Rules Committee. The two Folsom cronies, along with ex-state Senator Ray Campbell, director of the Alabama Center for Quality and Productivity, were investigated. In 2006, all three of the Folsom confidants pled guilty to various financial crimes against the state.

"Jim Folsom's tenure as career politician has a rich, checkered history that has infiltrated its way into the here and now," said Ms. Ivey. "No individual in state government has milked the system for favoritism and back room deals more adeptly than Jim Folsom," she asserted.

Ms. Ivey said the voters must have trust and faith in elected officials, especially one who presides over the State Senate. "Senate shenanigans and secret maneuverings are all a part of the Folsom modus operandi. He doesn't want transparency and openness because when the lights come on, it will expose his relationships to some pretty shady characters," she added.

Ms. Ivey grew up in Wilcox County in Southwest Alabama. She is currently the State Treasurer and handily won the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor in the June 1st Primary.

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