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First Debate Question for the Candidates


Location: Unknown

Moderator: The first question is for Mr. Forbes. In July of this year, your Congressional office sent out a pamphlet advertising your desire to reduce the federal budget deficit. Could you explain your plan for addressing this country's budget problems?

Mr. Forbes: [no answer given]

Moderator: Dr. Legrow?

Dr. LeGrow: First of all, I would like to point out that that pamphlet was sent out at taxpayer expense. It contained no real policy proposals and amounted to nothing more than campaign advertising. I believe we need to reform entitlement spending to keep medicare and social security economically viable and strong. We need to seriously consider scaling back on all of our largest programs. The military comprises over half of our discretionary federal spending. Much of that money is spent on unneeded military bases abroad and on outdated weapons systems or weapons the military leadership says they don't even want. Those sorts of military expenditures do nothing for our national security and only line the pockets of my opponents' largest business supporters. Our deficit is bad for our economy and our security - we need new leadership in Washington to address this serious issue.

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