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Monday, September 13, 2010


Location: Unknown

The U.S. Department of Education denied Texas' application for $830 million in funding last week. Dr. Donna Campbell, candidate for U.S. Congress in District 25, is asking Lloyd Doggett to repeal the amendment that puts Texas school children at risk:

"Texas is under assault, and by one of our own. Representative Lloyd Doggett, in a blatant example of Washington-knows-best legislative overreach, has put nearly one billion dollars of education funding at risk for Texas school children.

Mr. Doggett's disregard for states' rights and his lack of trust in the people of Texas to hold our elected leaders accountable is unfortunate, but not surprising given his 16 year voting record. This is the exact kind of tone-deaf, Washington style politics that the American people have grown sick of from the ruling class.

One of the basic tenets of responsible government is to pass laws that apply to all parties equally and Doggett's amendment violates that trust by singling out Texas for special requirements while 49 other states have already received their share of the dollars without stipulation.

As the mother of a daughter who will soon enter kindergarten, I'm asking Rep. Doggett to repeal the amendment and release the full amount to help the school children of Texas. Loss of this federal money could reduce funding from $59.6 million to $38.1 million for Austin school children alone. That's completely unacceptable."

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